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Cocoa Farmers in Ivory Coast Taste Chocolate for the First Time.

Despite the Ivory Coast being the largest exporter of cocoa in the world, many of the farmers who cultivate the cocoa beans that are the main ingredient in one of the world’s best loved treats, chocolate, rarely see the fruit of their labor. The industry is also marred by child labour.

As the narrator so aptly puts it, the cocoa is a mutli-billion dollar industry that divides the world into two groups  - the gluttons and the beggars.

Whilst large corporations like Nestle and Cadbury benefit greatly from this trade, those who sit at the bottom of the totem pole are the exploited farmers who are the victims of unfair trade and labour policies. And, as this video demonstrates, some of the farmers have never had the opportunity to taste the end product that their crops are used for.

Further viewing: “The Dark Side of Chocolate”.

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