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biancathemexican asked: Just came across your blog. It made me happy. Thank you.

Thank you c:

Anonymous asked: I like you. A lot. And I wish you would speak to me more, because I love speaking to you. You make me very happy. But I always feel like I'm a loser and you never want to speak to me again. And that kinda sucks.

There’s really no one that I don’t want to speak to.

So just message me?


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they’re coming

in the distance you hear them 

the Whovians have returned


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If I spoke my mind to you, I would never stop, because you are all I really think about.


life hack: remember to compliment people on qualities other than their looks. remind them of their kindness, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. tell them about how powerful and capable they are.

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This family always knew there was a metal door that led to somewhere else, they thought it was an old well that had ran dry and rusted shut, well that was before they opened it and realized what it really was…(click here for the full story full of the photos of what was found!)

ohmygod number five is scary like how did they not know it was right underneath them the entire time?!?!

what about number 7?!? that would drive me insane to know that i lived on top of it! they had better moved out after opening it!


telling someone they can’t be sad because others have it worse is like telling someone they can’t be happy because others have it better

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